trim back

trim back
cut down on; make a reduction in

reduce your daily fat intake


The employer wants to cut back health benefits

reduce, ↑cut down, ↑cut back, ↑trim, ↑trim down, ↑cut, ↑bring down
Derivationally related forms: ↑trim (for: ↑trim), ↑cutback (for: ↑cut back), ↑reductive (for: ↑reduce), ↑reduction (for: ↑reduce)
Hypernyms: ↑decrease, ↑lessen, ↑minify
shorten, ↑spill, ↑quench, ↑retrench, ↑slash, ↑thin out, ↑thin, ↑take away, ↑detract, ↑deflate, ↑inflate, ↑downsize, ↑subtract, ↑shave, ↑knock off
Verb Group: ↑cut
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something


Something ——s something

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